Sunday, July 06, 2014

Fabulous Bird Bath - Renzo Cattoni

Gardeners know that birds are crucial to promoting a balance between insect populations and healthy plant life. Helping to attract birds to a garden is key. Adding just any old bird bath is the challenge.  Why not this one?

I am blessed to have creative people in my life. Renzo Cattoni designed and made this bird bath himself. I giggle every time I see it. Not only does it bring visual interest to the garden, it does attract hundreds of birds each season. I think it's fabulous.
The face is meant to enable smaller birds to stand in less deep water, as well as provide relief and visual interest. The finger/hand is used after the bird has bathed. Perching there to wiggle and dry off. The large basin size enables more than one bird to bathe at a time.
The detail is what makes me giggle.

We've had the pleasure to see Robins, Baltimore Orioles, Red Winged Black Birds, Yellow Finch, name it!

Happy bathing birds. Great design, Renzo!

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