Monday, December 07, 2015

A Little Fun With Christmas Greens

We are lucky here in Southern Ontario. Frosts have been minimal and it has allowed me to make decorative evergreen creations outside a little later than usual. Mid December, the container medium is usually frozen.

I've held off this long, simply because there is nothing more frustrating than having evergreen boughs brown before Christmas. Too early and it is a shame - really a waste and a lot of work for nothing.
Similar to last year's - but with less greens.

I acquired some twigs and such from a friend who was discarding them. Hey - "reuse as much as you can", I say. Waste diversion is a good thing and what others toss away can bring you more joy in creating different designs like this one:

For others, I created these favourites:

Looking for some books at the thrift store, I found this metal envelop hanging container. It's a great door greeter! Add some greens, natural bits and voila - a really festive front welcoming decoration. Who needs a wreath?

I stuck with the same design for this rectangular planter as I did last year. It works, the mail carrier doesn't complain! Simple. Nearly all the accents were saved from 2 years ago!  

Whatever you do....DON'T THROW OUT the TINY BITS!  Bring them indoors. (Leave them in your shed or garage and bring them indoors closer to the time you begin entertaining). Add a bit of greens to your mantle, your dinner table or like me: my piano.

Hint: once you bring in evergreen cuttings, be aware: sap exudes from the fresh cuts. Select bits that aren't sticky.

I dab off the sap from the fresh cut ends on a paper towel and let them sit a while (about 10 minutes) prior to arranging. 

DO NOT PLACE THESE FRESH CUTS DIRECTLY ON YOUR FURNITURE. They will cause sticky drips and ruin your wooden finish. Not to worry, there is a solution: add something beneath. Like a paper plate, or place them on an extra charger plate, or better yet, cut a piece of plastic to the right size and place beneath. How easy is that.
This was a plastic sheet packaging for calendar. I cut it into a circle, large enough for my cone arrangement. Tucking it under the cones, I then...

...wedged and arranged the cuttings just so. Cover all the unsightly bits.

Evergreen cuttings jazz up silk flowers perfectly.

Above all, be creative. Your home will smell amazingly festive and it will bring an inviting environment to help unite the folks you love.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas!
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