Thursday, February 19, 2015

Bee-hind In Understanding

Today, I was very fortunate to have training on the importance of pollinating critters, specifically BEES.

My un-informed self was quite educated today.

I knew of the decline in bee populations as of late. It's quite alarming, but what I didn't know was the sheer difference between Bumblebees vs Honeybees.  Please see the below link for a Bumblebee vs Honeybee brochure put together by Wildlife Preservation Canada.
Photo from 
Bumblebee Brochure WLP

One eye opening fact I learned today: Canada has NO native Honeybees. Honeybees have been imported from Europe.

Canadian Bumblebees, Solitary Bees and Leaf Cutter Bees are quintessential for pollinating crops, and plant life all around us. They are in decline. We need to be informed of their differences. We also need to provide more of their habitat which is threatened.

Please take the time to visit and learn more about bees and insect pollinators - how we effect and contribute to their decline at:

Informed gardening techniques can make a difference. Be that change.

Here's how:
Poster of Plants That Attract Bumblebees from Wildlife Preservation Canada
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