Saturday, July 19, 2014

Plant Profile: Petit Faucon Clematis (Evisix)

All one's hard work gardening pays off at this time of year. When plants respond to your TLC, it's sooo worth it.

Petit Faucon Clematis
This herbaceous clematis nearly choked out last year. Having been smothered by overgrown shrubs and perennials, it nearly died. Heavy pruning this spring and resituated neighbours enabled this lovely clematis to bounce back with a great flush of colour.

This one is quite unlike the popular varieties out there.

Blue-ish yellow stamens age to deep yellow. Making lovely seed heads once the petals fall after bloom is over.

Unlike several climbing clematis, Petit Faucon (trade marked as 'Evisix') needs a little help to get rambling. Staking and tying up new stems is key to keep it from growing as a ground cover. Its leaves grow twice as large, weighing the growth down. Once upright, the new tips of the growth reveal lovely bell shaped flowers opening to  these 4 petaled, deep blue blooms. Quite unusual. The vine grew quite large this year, given the amount of snow coverage overwinter. Lots of moisture at the root level. Different in habit, this is a true eye catcher. 

Another beautiful feature: deep, shiny-blue bars on under-sided petals when in bell form.
Hint: Partner these herbaceous clematis with other vigorous upright clematis. With other varieties like: Jackmanii or Patens series, which bloom more towards the top.  You can train Petit Faucon to flourish below. This is paired with:

Clematis patens 'Miss Bateman'

They compliment each other so well.


  1. Just bought this clem in UK. Would plant it in a pot with a Rose. lets see how it does scrambling through it. Looks like a shorter version of Clem Durandii which i have growing thru another shrub


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