Thursday, July 24, 2014

Don't Throw Away That Garden Hose - DIY Fix It!

I was quite surprised the other day when I saw frustration in regarding a garden hose end attachment that leaked. The immediate response was, "we've got to get a new hose".

The yellow hose end has been bent due to frequent use. No longer makes a tight seal.
No, you don't need to get a new hose. Hose will just wind up in the land fill.

For those of you who don't know this, simply go to a nearest hardware store and pick up some new attachments. You'll need the following:

1.) hose end attachment (male or female)
2.) threaded clamp
3.) sharp pair of pruners (real sharp)
4.) flat headed screwdriver

Hint: You generally find clamps and hose end attachments together in packages. This is ideal.
First, cut the old end off with sharp pruners. If there is a leak in the hose at this point, cut beneath the hole to fix.

Make as flat of a cut as possible.

Before anything else, thread the clamp over the hose end before you proceed. Push it down the hose about 6 inches, so you have room for the next step.

Take the new brass fitting end and place at the mouth of the newly cut end. With the flat head screwdriver, insert it through both and... firmly, so that the screwdriver presses it firmly down. Less strain on your fingers this way. Some hoses have tough rubber, hard to get the fitting in. If so, place end of hose in a hot bucket of water for a few minutes. This makes the rubber more pliable.

Push the brass fitting down, until the rubber meets the lip of the brass end.

Move the clamp towards the brass fitting, but not to the end of the rubber. Screw tight. You must leave a gap between the lip of the brass fitting and the clamp. The other hose end has to thread down over the fitting and sometimes it overlaps. Having the clamp too close, will not make a good seal.
Note:  it is important that you get the right clamp for the right hose thickness. Too large, and the clamp will make the end too heavy and when tightening, it will damage the rubber. It's best to bring the cut off end of the hose to the hardware store and get the best fit. No two hoses are alike.

No more leaks! 
Sometimes, there is more frustration buying new rigid hoses that are hard to recoil and wind up again. Reuse and fix your hoses before you give up on them.

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