Sunday, July 03, 2016

Squirrels and Spice, How Nice!

I give up! Every day, I get this:

I'm getting tired of this. Constant digging up of my planters/hanging planters... Sometimes I see an entire plant popped right out!

Living in a townhouse complex, you get interesting neighbours in the mix. I really can't complain, they are lovely folk, but they LOVE feeding squirrels. The funny element: they each own a cat and guess where the squirrels find freedom away from those clever felines? My garden. Sigh....

I happen to have the 'get-away' tree. At one sitting, I saw about 6 little squirrels to contend with.

In shade, plants take longer to flush out and thicken, and so when the squirrels had their fill of food, they bury the rest. EVERYWHERE. Where ever there is a little soft soil or pocket, they find it.

Weapons of choice:

Plant netting: purchased at the dollar store. I had to do this, as two of these hanging fence line planters are closest to the 'get-away tree'. Grrrrrr. 

Cayenne pepper: it works!  Testing it now for 4 days, it has kept them at bay.

Sprinkle as close to the soil as possible and don't be stingy. A good covering is essential.

The trick is to apply AFTER watering. Or it's rendered useless.

Don't worry about getting it on leaves. Does nothing (at least I have not noticed any affect).

I bought bulk cayenne at the bulk store, so that it didn't cost a mint.

Just be aware, when placing it in baskets or planters close to eye level: sprinkle down wind. You don't want pepper dust getting into your eyes or nose. AHHHHH-CHEEEEW! :)

Until my plants thicken and spread out to cover the bare soil, I shall be out there sprinkling away: after every watering (2-3 days).

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  1. Yes I have generations of rodents around our yards and cayenne pepper works for me too. I also mixed in my bulk and old chili pepper and black pepper and garlic. ...I recently saw a show on the queens gardens using garlic as a natural pesticide.


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