Friday, December 30, 2011

More outdoor creations

These are the few little outdoor winter containers that I made for my little space.

Much of what I used here, are left overs from year after year. I save cones, birch branches, artificial berries and those seed pod cups. Don't throw them away! Just tuck them in your garage, shed, basement (wherever you can) in a container. Be sure you dry them all out before storing, or use a container that has good air circulation.

I used seeded eucalyptus (above urns), and with the leftovers I added it to one of my metal bowls and put a candle in it. Simple. Seeded eucalyptus dries and it's such a great addition to your Christmas decor!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Winter Outdoor Creations

One of the most delightful aspects of winter is Christmas decorating. I have the pleasure of creating some wonderful work with what nature provides.

Below is one of the urn insert designs I made this winter. With the use of outdoor Christmas ornaments and birch branches, I think this is a great way to liven up a winter container that otherwise would be bare over the cold winter months. 

I've had great pleasure in demonstrating how to do these inserts with a ladies group at church. So much fun!  Try it yourself.

All you need is a thawed out container filled with sand or garden soil, evergreen boughs, twigs of dogwood or coloured stems, birch branches, cones, plastic ornaments, dried flower arranging material that can be used outdoors and some imagination!   Trust me, the more you do of these, the better you get!

Birch Ball Winter Container
  • White pine boughs
  • BC Cedar boughs
  • White pine cones
  • Magnolia Stems
  • Oregonia (variegated boxwood)
  • Curly Red Willow
  • Christmas Ornaments (bronze, gold, yellow gold)
  • Shelled India Nut (dried beige nut)
Please see my other post on winter containers

Winter is upon us.

Living in Ontario, there is limited gardening at this point outdoors. Ah, yet for the gardener, there are always things we can work on indoors and plans for outdoors come spring. Many plans. Stay tuned...
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