Sunday, July 01, 2012

Swiss Cheese Holes

Heuchera Caramel
This has definitely been the year of the bug. From trees, evergreens, perennials, veggies - everything has been munched on. There's nothing more disheartening than watching it happen.

Coreopsis under leaves
Here are some samples in my tiny backyard. Leaves are bearing the marks of swiss cheese.

Hosta 'Pauls Gold'
Culprits: slugs, earwigs, pill bugs and leaf cutter bee. Toss in a caterpillar or two, and that sums up the damage.

Lamium aureum
I've managed to control a lot worse damage by removing slugs in the evening, watering in the morning hours and keeping a close eye. But to no avail, I still have to live with the damage.

The woes of a gardener, eh?  Happening to you too?

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