Thursday, July 19, 2012

Another batch of Compost ready: 6 weeks

Left side, ready. Haven't added scraps in last 3 weeks.
I am brimming with satisfaction over my Dual Batch Rolling Composter. It's been another six weeks, and I can report another completed batch of compost is ready.  This heat wave has certainly accelerated decomposition.

Great stuff. I wish you could smell it. So fresh.

Some helpful hints I've learned along the way since my previous 2 composter posts:

  • If you add lots of kitchen scraps, avoid adding too many (sugary) fruity bits. I added soft cherries and grapes, only to find I had a large quantity of ants invade one chamber.
  • Adding kitchen scraps daily adds adequate moisture. No added water is necessary, unless you add a lot of dry brown debris.
  • I found spinning the rolling bin should be done only once a week, if not less. Rolling it thoroughly, rather than one rotation or so is better than just once over.
  • Cutting up thicker, leafier material aids the process.
  • Do not fill the chambers to full. Fill about 2/3rds. This allows for air circulation and better tumbling of contents.
  •  Filling the chamber nearly full with green waste will not give you a full chamber when done.
  •  Keep the vents open.

Right side - scrap side
Since the ready chamber is not yet full, I will add compost from the kitchen scrap side to the other ready side, in order to bulk up for a full batch in September. I plan to top-dress my garden with the left chamber's contents, leaving the right chamber to carry me through the autumn months.

Right chamber: not ready...but getting there!
So pleased.


  1. I've been thinking about starting a compost bin, but hadn't gotten to it this year. Your post reminded me & gave great tips, too. Thanks!

    1. Well, this tumbling composter makes it easy. Starting one now would give you a great batch come spring. Enjoy the process!


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