Saturday, April 14, 2012

Inspiring Horticultural TV Programing

Rainy days and cold weather don't make me sad when I get to watch informative horticultural programing.

Unfortunately, I find a lot of North American garden shows have all taken the Reality TV direction, and I have little interest in seeing a garden transformed in one weekend. Unrealistic gardening is more like it.

My favs are mostly from the UK. (The BBC has fantastic programs.)
  • How To Be A Gardener (Alan Titchmarsh) - BBC (ITV)
  • Glebe Cottage with Carol Klein - BBC
  • The Victorian Flower Garden - BBC
  • The Victorian Kitchen Garden - BBC
  • The Edible Garden (Alys Fowler) - BBC
  • Gardeners World - BBC
  • River Cottage Series (Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall) 
Here are a few others not produced in the UK:
  • Gardening Australia
  • The Victory Garden - PBS
  • The Canadian Gardener (David Tarrant) - CBC
Yes, some are old, but the info is still relevant!

I've truly enjoyed Alan Titchmarsh's presentations - his humour and knowledge always inspire me.

Many are posted on YouTube:

Any programs you like that I haven't mentioned?

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