Monday, April 09, 2012

Dry Spring - Water, water!

Working in the garden, I am amazed how dry the soil is. At this time of the year, usually my boots are all covered in muck. Cleaning up around my front yard today, I noticed how incredibly dry the soil is under my cedar. This is rather unusual for April. The old saying: "April showers bring May flowers" usually holds true. So when the April showers don't last and only spot showers providing 1-2mm's of rain, none of it is going to reach the base of evergreens, and none of it will penetrate to the roots. It's best to get the watering can and or hose/sprinkler out. I plant annuals under this cedar so I can't add mulch - today it's going to get watered. 

Deep watering is essential, even though you may not notice plants suffering. We didn't get much snow coverage this winter (GTA), this means moisture reserves will be low. Plants are breaking dormancy and need water to initiate bud break, and that turgid new growth. Roots will deplete moisture levels below 4 inches, while the sun will dry out anything above 4 inches. Give your trees, shrubs, perennials and lawn a good drink. If you can, add a good layer of some mulch or compost to keep moisture levels from evaporating in the sun.

Here, I have just left the hose on a low trickle and that way, the water won't run off and will benefit the roots down below. I'll move it around after a while and I'll leave it on for an hour or so.

Hopefully the skies will open up soon and give a good heavy rain. Until then, I'm supplementing the garden with thorough watering.

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