Thursday, January 05, 2012

Wedding Favors (Bombonieres) For The Garden

Since I am bent horticulturally, let me offer you some gardening, or "green" ideas as favors:

White Bleeding Hearts (Dicentra spectabilis alba)
Why not get some Bleeding Heart  perennial seeds or other seeds from your favourite plants? Just collect various seeds and buy these great draw string baggies from a dollar store, like Dollar Tree (below). Add a wedding label and you'll have a very personal gift!

  • Little evergreen trees:

    Tree seedlings  are available for planting, come with directions, Plant a memory of the couples union. 
  • Seed packages: 

    Seed packages are blank, until your wedding info is stamped on. Filled with herbs, wild flowers, perennials....these are all lovely ideas for sowing seeds. People love them, as planting directions come on the back of the packages! 
  • Flowering Bulbs:

    So easy to plant and you can buy bulk bulbs at your local garden centre or big box store and wrap them up just the way you want to!  Great for late summer to autumn weddings. 
  • Seeded paper:

     Great idea, which can also be used for table seating cards, thank-you cards...etc.
  • Small potted succulents:  

    These are great if you have succulents yourself. You just take cuttings and force them on your own. Lots of work, but so cute and cost saving!  You don't just have to do succulents. Varied mini potted plants are just as beautiful. Such as mini African Violets, Mini Roses, Mini Orchids. There are lots of plants for every taste and budget.

If there are any gardeners in your life, or those who enjoy flowers or plants, any of these favors will delight them! If there aren't, you'll soon cultivate the desire to be one!

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