Friday, January 20, 2012

Fun Seed Packages - McKenzie Seeds

I truly get a kick out of horticultural products which appeal to kids.

I stumbled upon these today, as I was looking at seeds for my garden:

McKenzie Seed line for Kids, see their website below
Aren't they fun?! As one of my earlier posts [ "Toilet Loo Rolls" ] had mentioned, kids love to sow seeds and to watch germination happen. With these seed packages, I think they would be happy to learn more about gardening.

These graphics and cartoon like characters make simple vegetable seed packages come alive - saying sow me!  The back of each package has planting instructions that are understandable to small kids, with great sowing diagrams.

Have a look at their other selections:
McKenzie Seeds for Kids

I snatched a bunch and hope it brings smiles to my nephews and niece.

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