Sunday, July 24, 2016

Collecting Hosta Seeds: Update (2 years later)

As the summer heat continues, I have been diligently looking after some of my strategically placed baby Hostas - which I grew from seed (link to previous post here).

Two years ago, the above seedlings were just setting root in mid summer and I transplanted them into tiny pots. Come autumn, I tucked them in sheltered spots of our garden where I would find them again.

Having planted them all over the garden, I've been making sure in this heat to keep them moist.

Still super small, they are putting on some lovely growth. The above is my best sample. 7 leaves and still more emerging.

This one above is situated in our herb garden. I was testing to see if more organic matter and compost tea make a difference.

The leaves are surprisingly tough. Quite slug resistant. The original parent had leathery leaves too, but with deep yellow variegated margins.

None are showing any venation or variegation. But that's ok. For now they are doing great, considering I haven't done much.

In all honesty, if I really wanted these Hostas to thrive and grow quickly, I would of left them to grow in pots and nurture them more. But reality dictates little time and so finding spots where I know I can keep a close eye on them seems to have been the best bet.

I am anxious to see their eventual mature size. I've noticed the above photo has more rounded leaves. Who knows, I may have a "Heidi Horticulture" hybrid developing! Ha!

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