Sunday, July 10, 2016

I Actually Like Aegopodium 'variegatum'

Aegopodium 'variegatum': also known as Goutweed, Bishops Weed, Variegated Ground Elder..."that ghastly weed"...well, it gets a bad rap in the horticultural world.

Here's my take:  if it's planted in the right place, it's FABULOUS.

Case in point:

  •   The Right Location: between homes, with a brick wall and concrete barrier/patio walkway running 25 feet. 
Perfect situation. It's got no where else to go. It gets moderate amounts of light. Very little irrigation and maintenance. Keeps moisture away from the side of the house. Turns this difficult space into a lovely mass of colour. 


1. Any Aegopodium left to its own devices can become noxious, overbearing and a plant bully. Do not plant it close in proximity to any plants that are non-aggressive and or just establishing. Think LARGE scale when situating.  Use structures/hardscaping parameters that can confine its roots.

2. When the plant flowers, dead head almost immediately once the flowers start to decline. I can't stress it more. This prevents the plant from spreading via seeds. VERY crucial to do this in mid-June.  I remove them in succession.  Aegopodium flowers are fabulous pollinator blooms. Several bees, butterflies and hover flies buzz with furry, collecting pollen. We need more flowering plants like these to encourage pollinators to visit the garden.

As you can see below, there are still white flowers mixed in with a flower that has gone to seed in my hand. It takes little to no effort. They just come off with little required pulling. 3 minutes later, they were all off.

I don't compost these, they go out in the City yard waste bag.

Every plant has a purpose and a place where its best situated. As gardeners, it's our job to figure that out.

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  1. I love it, too. But I understand its invasive. I don't have a good spot for it.


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