Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Wakey Wakey!

I'm growing impatient. I shouldn't. Been at this gig for a while now, yet this is the first spring where my patience is wearing thin. My shady garden is still asleep and it's the last day in March.

I am thankful however for a newer addition to my little backyard. Last spring I bought myself:
Heuchera villosa 'Citronelle'
It was buried under 2 feet of snow at one time and right now it's the only plant that catches your eye. Whilst every other plant shows signs winter stopped by, this one says "Look at me!".

Definitely going to divide this one or maybe just buy one or two more. :)
I have hope! My Hellebore flowers are beginning to swell!
The flower buds almost look like Rhubarb!

Hello Tulips!

Thursday's weather is calling for rain. "April showers; bring May flowers". YES! :)

Friday, March 20, 2015

2015 Canada Blooms

I had the pleasure of seeing green again this week. After our harsh winter, it was a joy!

Here are some of the snap-shots I took. Very busy day to visit. Was glad to see so many people soaking it up.

The living wall trend is still alive:

The use of Echeverias and German Ivy worked like a clockwork!  :) 

To be honest, I prefer this scale. I'd do this in a heart-beat, if I had a hot brick wall facing south/east.  For sure.

Loving the fern idea. Gonna see if I can try this myself. Fun.
 Was so glad to see the continued floral creativity. These were some of my favs:

This one had top honours and was my #1 too!
Enjoyed this little Fairy Garden. Do you spot it?
A design firm called Bienenstock Playgrounds made playground apparatus and this tree house from tree trunks and limbs. Quite impressive!
And special kudos to the TBG for having a 4 balcony (room) Pollinating Playground showcase. Cheers to TBG's Paul Zammit, TBG staff and all the volunteers for putting together a great educational display!

Even though there were plenty of wow displays, I still gravitate towards the simpler, more DIY ideas that I could take home and easily do. Like these:

Two more days left for the show. It's combined with the National Home Show.  Lots to see and enjoy!
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