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Hello, my name is Heidi. Everyone calls me "Heidi-Ho(e)" at some point. It's become part of my name. :)
Growing our own as a kid...
I'd like to share my gardening experience with others who may have a small garden as I do.  I used to garden a larger property, but time brings change and now I have a small townhouse lot to work with. I find it more challenging in some ways, since space and light conditions dictate stricter parameters.

I would like this blog to become a place where fellow urban gardeners can share bits and info, add info of their own and learn about other gardeners in different parts of the world.

Deciding in my teens to become a high school teacher, I never thought I would happen along the garden path, not knowing my vocation would wind up in horticulture. I am so blessed to have a job that I have passion for!  Hopefully this blog also winds down the path less taken and becomes an interest for others and a learning experience for me.

Have a look at one of my posts: Reminiscing - Working The Land to get a better understanding of how I got to this point.

Part-time winter urn designing.
As you can see, if you want to link your blog to mine, I am totally up for it. Let me know!

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