Friday, August 29, 2014

Update - Overseeding Turf with White Clover

Here's an update of our patchy turf situation this spring (click here for the original post).

Just delighted with the results.

The White Clover is doing well. The sidewalk edges are green and lush, when for years, dog urine and salt damage left burned edges - grass never took.

All the patches have grown in with clover. Clover flowers have bloomed and with mowing, have been sheered back to green again.

The clover is actually much greener than the grass right now, given the last two weeks have had little rain.

It's even stronger and outgrowing the few spots of quack-grass.

All in all, we're truly happy with the results.


  1. Hi Heidi. Heidi Hi.

    So, it's 7 yrs later. We have a lawn that looks a lot like yours did. Northern California with no rain from May to Nov, usually. We end up having to water pretty frequently from late Jun to Oct. Reading the tea leaves, we can assume water will get a lot more expensive in the coming years. We've been looking at alternatives.

    Any 2nd thoughts after the intervening years?

    1. Hello VK - 30, Given my experience horticulturally, is from Southern Ontario, Canada - our climates and landscapes vastly differ. Look up alternative lawns in California. There's a website called California Lawn Alternatives. Lots of choices there.


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