Monday, February 18, 2013

Lee Valley Garden Tools Catalogue Feb. 2013

There are not many catalogues that I read cover to cover - except the Lee Valley Garden Tools edition.

Here are items that caught my eye:

Lee Valley's Potmaker
Great way to make little seedling pots for random seeding needs.
Reuses materials and will always come through in a pinch.

Lee Valley's Hanging Plant Rooter
I love this idea. I constantly use my small drinking glasses in order to root on some of my house plants.
The suction cup enables it to be hung directly on the window.

Lee Valley's Flower Well
In the past, I've just lined my wire baskets with a layer of plastic. It's not ideal, but this well enables enough to be stored for dry periods and prevents all the water from draining too quickly.

Lee Valley's Soft Rubber Tie
I bought this last year. Found it to be great. Easy to cut and is gentle on the stems of my plants.
Reusable too.

Lee Valley's Brass Siphon Mixer
I use this at work. It's a great way to water in fertilizer without having to mix several batches.
The larger the siphon pail, the less you have to mix.
Great for organic compost teas. Just make sure the siphon mixture is free of debris.

Lee Valley's Bug Blaster
Yay - I am pleased to see this product. So many times, the use of chemicals are encouraged to treat plants that have insect infestations. When all that is necessary, is a blast of water. Love it.
Would work wonders on dislodging scales too, during their in-star stages.

Lee Valley's Tree Banding Kit
This is a tree's best friend. If your tree struggles from insect infestations year after year, this is your solution.
 Tanglefoot and this tree banding kit works wonders against the Gypsy Moth caterpillar and other insects.

Lee Valley's Upside Down Sprayer
I usually have to hold my plant way up high to reach the underside of its leaves. But this spray bottle lets you leave the plant where it stands. Great idea!

I could showcase more, but then again that's what the catalogue is for. Order one for yourself here. Or have a look at their online catalogue.

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