Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Outdoor Christmas Urn Container - One Sided

Here I made a Christmas Urn Design that is one sided.

One bonus to making one sided Christmas urns: less material is needed. With this design, all the accents are on one side, making a bolder view from the front. You use less materials and yet have the effect of seeing all the accents from the street.  They are easier to make and faster to assemble. Great for urns that are situated next to the front door or garage - where the containers are right up against a wall/door.


  • magnolia stems
  • red dyed strobus cones
  • red dyed nut
  • spray of outdoor Christmas balls
  • red twig dogwood


  • white pine
  • western cedar
  • silver fir 
  • oregonia (variegated boxwood)

Try it!  All materials are available at Plant World.

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