Monday, June 13, 2016

Through the Garden Gate, Where The Hostas Grow!

Anyone who knows me, knows I LOVE Hostas. Er, um - Hostas placed just right, that is. I really don't have a passion for the rare, the newly introduced, but the well utilized and well situated ones.

This post demonstrates all that.

These are ALL hostas and from afar, one would think you have varying different kinds of perennials achieving this look. Placed in dappled shade, under a canopy of a Norway (Acer platanoides) Maple, these hostas are in the right spot. Slightly elevated to show their mounding form. Not overcrowded and not too close. Nicely mulched with shredded cedar bark to help lock in moisture and well weeded to keep them flourishing. They are so well situated and happy. Don't they look great?!

I'm so blessed to photograph and enjoy them that I had to share. I had an amazing privilege to help co-host a Through The Garden Gate Tour 2016 at a most lovely home in The Kingsway area (Etobicoke) this past Sunday. The best treat - it was hosted by my wonderful friend and home owner, Elizabeth (Beth) Endean.

I have seen this garden come alive right from the onset of the original planting and know the hard work it took to accomplish this result. I am so proud of what Beth and her two helpers have achieved.

One of Beth's gifts, is her eye for colour. She amazes me in all her accomplishments. Especially her love for the colour GREEN. Her use of lime green Hostas like "Paul's Gold" and "Guacamole" really brighten more shaded spots in her garden.  With the more white variegated varieties like "Fire and Ice" Hosta, she grouped them in areas closest to the walkway. They certainly pack a punch and really draw your eye to stop and have a closer look. Her 'green' thumb shows up in all areas of plant selection and placement.

Who needs any other perennial when you create a colour palette like this?

Even great back drops like Euonymus fortunei 'Coloratus' and Vinca minor Periwinkle show them off even more.

I am truly blessed and thankful to have been able to take part and see all the wonderful people enjoy Beth's lovely garden. So many onlookers commented on the choices, placement and variety of what was displayed.

You go-grow, Girl! Great job!

Here's a video of the TBG tour and more info regarding Beth's delightful garden!

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