Friday, April 18, 2014

Amaryllis Blooming in Spring - Happy Easter!

I experimented with my Amaryllis this winter. As always, I re-potted it last November, whilst it was dormant.

 It leafed up, and flowered beautifully right around the Christmas season, but this time I did something different.
I let it be.

I lost two leaves in January, but two stayed green and grew quite in length without wilting and dying back. I left them, while they weigh heavily down and then propped them up by a window. Each watering, I added water soluble 7 7 7 fertilizer and let it dry between feedings. The bulb grew large, so I kept the leaves to give the bulb energy.

Lo'and behold, this is the result. New leaves and a flower bud...emerging in late March.
You can see the two longer leaves to the left are the originals from December. Three newer leaves were emerging last week when I had a hunch it was to re-bloom.

The bulb became large. Wanting to up-size the pot a bit, the bulb wouldn't budge without some force, which would either damage the leaves or the roots. So I left it.

I decided to remove last year's leaves and allow the plant to straighten.

I gather since it's spring, I have less light coming through the window, making the leaves and flower stalk stretched quite a bit.

Who says Amaryllis can only be enjoyed during Christmas? This one has bloomed in time for Easter. How fitting. Only three blooms, yet fully representing the Trinity on Easter. Fits in well with my Easter Lily, no?  :)  Happy Easter!
If I can manage it, I will try and do it again. Perhaps, it will flower 3 times in a year.

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  1. My amarillis is in bud now . It’s May I’m so happy. Last year it bloomed in summer.


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