Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Hunt for the Ultimate Urban Compost Bin

I wish I had more space, but since I can't do anything about it, I need to find a smaller compost bin. Last year I missed out. After moving-in, working the hectic spring season, and finally organizing the yard, all but one store was sold out. The remaining choice was far too large, and I knew it would take 2 years for me to get any compostable good stuff with a bin that size.  I pondered the idea to make one, but I need it to be small and usable each growing season. The option of buying just seemed more practical.

Since January I've been researching and looking for the right sized compost bin that will work for me.

There's a number to choose from:
Koolscapes 50Gal Decorative Composter: Lowes Canada

Algreen Terra Tubmbler 7.4 cu ft - Lowes Canada

Algreen Terra 50 Gal Chocolate Brown Composter - Lowes Canada

To make compost quickly, one needs water, good aeration, heat and darkness. You can always add compost accelerators, but I rather do it the hard-work way.

I've finally decided on this one:

Get it here
It rather looks toyish, but I have read several reviews and I am surprised at the turnover rate and how many folks have given it the thumbs up.  I can see that the black plastic absorbs the heat, and the rotation ability  would accelerate the mixing without me having to break my back. It has 2 compartments to work with. One to add fresh kitchen scraps and the other to leave and decompose.

I had a composter when I lived with at home with my parents. It was a medium sized, stationary one my father built. I loved it. I was able to fill all the container planters with what was inside each spring. I won't have as much to compost, nor do I have the room for one that size.

This Dual Batch Composter has two chambers that hold about 2.5 cubic feet of space in each - that's at least 2 good sized bushels full. The reviews said folks made compost in about 5-6 weeks. At least once one batch is done, another can be still decaying away.  
It comes with a year warranty and it's not that expensive, as some of the others above.

Sounds good to me. Beats having to drag bags through the townhouse to the backyard. I will update a post when it gets used.

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  1. I would like to try this also but am having trouble accessing reviews.I have never composted before but have been thinking about it for years.


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