Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Aged Terra-cotta

One of the blessings to having a new home, are the house warming gifts.

I received this wonderful Hoya  (Hoya carnosa ' variegata ' ) plant, potted up in the most unusual container. 

It came with directions. Mind you, not for the plant itself, but for the pot.

Campo de' Fiori Terra-cotta is the brand name of this pot and unlike any other I've seen, it's a "living" pot.

Simply by watering the Hoya contained inside, with good moisture conditions and in time...a coating of green moss will develop. As this pot is porous, those who gave it to me were kind enough to include a pot saucer, to avoid any moisture staining furniture. But if I want, I can easily use this outdoors during the summer as well.

I've only had it 2 weeks and it's already starting to show some green hints of moss.

I'll update the way it changes. Fun! Thanks Andrea and Lori!
Some other samples here

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