Monday, September 07, 2015

Plant Profile: Low Acid Yellow Pear Tomato

I love harvest time - when tomatoes are at their best.

One variety I had the pleasure of trying this year, was this Yellow Pear Tomato.  I love this tomato. I was given seed for this last fall and have had a bumper crop so far. It is an Heirloom Tomato and has been quite sturdy with all this heat we've had lately.

Slightly larger than a grape tomato - with an exceptional sweetness.

Considering I have grown them in this terra cotta pot, they have a pretty great yield. One bonus, the tomatoes don't all ripen at once. Great for grazing and not having to wait long periods between picking. Here, I gathered about 12 tomatoes and several are still left for later.

My aunt has grown them for ages; not only for their high yields, but for their low acidy. Not sure if it's the sweetness that dumbs the acidy, but I certainly have enjoyed them in salads - that's if they ever make it in the salad bowl. They are just so tasty off the vine.

A great companion to my sweet millions cherry tomato.

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