Saturday, September 19, 2015

Leafy Choices: Foliage for Planters - Part 2

... Continued from last week's Part 1 post:

More leafy choices for planters and raised beds:

Trailing Vinca major (spiller)
The great aspect of Vinca major - it is quite frost tolerant. It trails and trails - cut back at the tips and more growth and shoots force up from the root.

Elephant Ears - Alocasia sp. (thriller)
Move over Cannas, grasses and Millet - Alocasia/Colocasia come in all sizes and colours. They attract a lot of attention. Fun plant. Needs moisture for abundant leaves.

Lamiastrum galeobdolo 'Jade Frost' (spiller)
Whether you plant them on their own, or with other spillers, Jade Frost has shimmery silver bits to its leaves which really stand out.

 Purple Velvet or Purple Passion Plant - Gynura aurantiaca (spiller)
Fuzzy purple leaves are quite attractive and unusual.

Lemon Scented Geranium: Pelargonium crispum 'variegatum' (filler)
Known to help deter mosquitos, I just love the curly shape regardless of their great lemony scent.

Iresine lindenii 'Cherry' (filler or thriller)

Red Bor Kale - Ornamental Kale (thriller...
 or... can even be used as a filler.) The Red Bor kale can be easily cut back and shoots regrow from the main stem. It's ideal for sunny spots and great for frost tolerance. It will last when all the other annuals have faded.

So many choices. Have fun selecting which ones you want and see how they make an impact. You don't just need to see flowers all growing season. 

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