Wednesday, June 03, 2015

DIY Bird Bath For the Garden

I have a tiny backyard, yet it's quite surprising how many birds frequent my little oasis.

I bought this tiny fountain and found a small sparrow bathing on the edge in the heat last week. This prompted me to do something.

Finding this great flower pot holder, I thought they would serve as great holders for a bird bath.

I went to the local Good Will and bought this pie plate for next to nothing.

I looked for more decorative plates, but I didn't know if the glaze on some cheaper dish-ware would be ok for the birds (possible chemicals) or tough enough to leave outside. So I kept to glass.  It's deep enough for a bird splash, not too heavy for the holder. Better to recycle and reuse something this easy to find. Placing it up high, if it breaks,'s only a pie plate.

Ideal for a fence, I placed the holder this high:

Birds need good footing and a safe place to bathe. I bought flat stones from the dollar store, washed them and arranged enough to cover the bottom. They are ideal. Heavy enough not to spill out and smooth enough to keep easily clean.

The pie plate offers a ledge where the birds can wiggle dry and where I attached the bath there's ample get away space from any cat. High up for added protection.

Affordable and easy to install.

Level with the fence top, birds can easily hop in.

The sound of my little fountain attracts the birds and thus, I have made my little backyard an oasis for  my feathered friends as well.

Two on each side of my tiny garden and I get tons of visitors drinking and bathing.  One other aspect, if you get tired of keeping it as a bird bath, it can be a great feeding station instead.


  1. Hello, that is so nice!! I am looking for one of those flower pot holders. Could you tell me where you found it????

    Thanks so much!

  2. Glad you like it. So easy! I found mine at an "Urban Nature" store, here in Toronto - although I have seen a similar versions at the Dollarama chain store. Hope you can find them!


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