Friday, April 19, 2013

Easy To Brew Compost Tea

One of the benefits to having this dual batch, rolling compost off the ground, is the ability to catch rain water that has flowed through the compost bin.
Here I have great compost tea, ready to use with no water coming from the garden hose.

Don't leave the vat with compost tea too long, especially during mosquito season. I transfer the tea into watering cans and cover the openings.
Having left my plastic bin/basin beneath the dual batch, rolling composter, it collected the water beneath. During a storm, I left the doors open and let the rain water simply seeped through the contents.

 Dark brewed look.

My evergreens and containers love it!

A vat filled with garden refuse will also give you compost tea results. But be aware that it gets quite smelly if left too long.

A great liquid feed for spring containers, or parched areas of the garden that didn't get adequate rain.

I also will use this tea to moisten the compost when it begins to dry out.

Great byproduct.

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