Saturday, September 08, 2012

Plant Profile: Datura inoxia "Downy Thorn Apple"

Every time I see one of these flowers unfurl, I think it's a miracle. From bud to full flower, it amazes me.

From this sized bud....seeing its progression makes me see creation at its best. It's such a beauty.
Purple tinged, fussy stems. Love it!

Great contrast against yellow foliage

This one self seeded from a neighbouring house down the street.  One day we saw it poking out from behind some shrubs. Isn't that great?!

Related to the Brugmansia x candida (Angel's Trumpet), the Datura inoxia grows about 3 feet tall, acting more like a ground cover. Benefits from having some sort of support if you want the plant to stay tall.

Even in the drought of this past summer, this Datura has managed to flourish with little effort on our behalf.

Here is its fruit, and why it's been given the name Downy Thorn Apple. 
A pod full of black/brown seeds for next year.
Warning: Pleased be advised that this plant is very toxic - all parts of the plant when ingested can: as per  the 'Canadian Poisonous Plants Information System' website info.


  1. I'm wondering...does it have a scent?

    1. Yes they smell wonderful but bloom at night

  2. Like you, I wondered too. I shoved my schnaz in there, and ya, there's a slight sweet fragrance.


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