Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Plant Profile: Dragon Wing Begonia Red

I find this Begonia hybrida "Dragon Wing Red" to be one of the most underutilized annuals.You'd be hard pressed to find it at any old garden centre. Not sure why, as I am so pleased with its performance over the few years I've used it.

Here, I've placed only one plant (1 of 4 in a cell pack). It's now late August and it still flowers endlessly, providing great colour.

I don't dead-head. I water every 3 days or so. I fed the hanging planter twice (once at planting and once in July) with bone meal.

Flowers are simple, held in clusters.
Their glossy foliage is quite noticeable and stems are sturdy - it's a plant both useful in bedding situations or in hanging/planters.

I have some in full sun out front and in deep shade out back. It's a full light spectrum plant - which is rare when it comes to annuals.

No bugs seem to bother it; it tolerates drying out occasionally, and it continues to flower with no effort on my behalf.

Try it yourself!

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