Monday, February 13, 2012

Looking back at 2011...Planning for 2012

Last year I had a blank canvas.

Realtor photo

The previous owners had 2 perennials and one rose bush in the corners of the backyard, with grass and patio stones.

They had a dog which tore up most of the grass and yellowed other areas..if you know what I mean.

Since I have limited space, I decided to do away with all the grass, which was easy to do and great to compost.

Added small stepping stones; to walk through garden.
I decided to move some of the patio stones, remove all the grass and develop a garden with limited knowledge of light conditions, soil, roots from trees...etc.

Thankfully, the week I took possession, I was able to divide certain favourite perennials from my previous garden and use them here.

Sorry, I washed and hung the air conditioner cover over my chair. At least the perennials were starting to come in nicely.

Because my light conditions were sporadic - I had to dot my veggies in areas where they received more sun.

As the season progressed, I added more containers, filled in areas with some annuals and harvested my herbs and veggies, when ready and thoroughly enjoyed my little garden.

Can't avoid the distortion from the screen, aerial shots from my second story window.
It's been such a stark contrast gardening here from my other ravine lot garden, but I am SO grateful!  No rabbits, no dear, no racoons that come dig up my planted friends. I have freedom (outside of limited light conditions and a few squirrels) to plant whatever I like.

Don't let little spaces burst your bubble of creativity. I can't wait until this years planting season!

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  1. I'm going to have to visit your plot of paradise! I will have major changes to make in mine...need tips!


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