Thursday, February 23, 2012

Lee Valley Garden Tools Catalog

Nothing motivates a gardener more than really useful gardening tools - especially when there's still snow on the ground. I love tools that make less work and promote less wear and tear on the body. I received my Lee Valley Garden Tools Catalog about two weeks ago and a few items caught my attention.

Soil Scoop:  How many times have I taken divisions and needed a sharp edge to cut portions in half, or remove root bound masses? This looks so useful!


U Bar Digger I've used one similar to this, and it's a back saver. What a great way to break up soil after foot traffic or heavy rains trample down soil.

Crack Weeder I always try other methods to chemical controls when it comes to weeds growing between my patio stones. Since half the time I can't pull them out, I think I will add this to my tool collection.

Garden Tub:  I bought one of these last year. I used it all the time. I collapses and tucks away in my deck box, and is quite durable. I plan on buying the Shallow Garden Tub size, (6.5" high, 22.5" in diameter) which is only available at the stores (not online). I will use this shallow one to do small potting jobs, without getting soil every where.

Well that's enough for me this year.  Too tempting.  Check their Lee Valley Garden Tools Catalog  online.

*All photos from Lee Valley

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