Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Garden Gloves: So many to choose from

I've been gardening professionally now...have to think ..over 8 years. Before that I worked at a Garden Centre for just as many years. My hands were always either wet, soiled up, dry, and my nails looked...eeeek - terrible.

I've come to depend upon gloves since my hands have aged considerably. My poor hands were tired of being poked, pricked and scratched to bits.

 I have found a God-send of a product line:

Atlas Gloves Co.

They make all sorts of gloves, but this grip line from Atlas, I find is excellent.

Atlas Gloves Co.
The rubber dipped areas are just on the palm side of the glove. This gives you the adequate grip ability for handling tools, weeding and breathing ability on the backside of your hands - as the gloves are made from a durable cotton blend fabric. I find the green coloured line the best for summer use as it is thinner. The blue for colder or heavier labour (such as stone work). They also have a grey line, which is extra insulated for the winter months.

These gloves last about 2 months for me, before the rubber starts to peel away. I use 8-10 hrs/ 6 days a week (on average). Really good investment, with long wear. Especially since I wash them each week!

For rose pruning, or other thorny plant material, I suggest buying leather gloves. I had a wonderful elbow length pair of gloves  Rose Gloves from Lee Valley  which someone decided to pinch from me last year. :(  They are fabulous for preventing scratched up forearms.

I find thick leather gloves essential for working in areas you have either never worked before, or just for clean up.
No brand name specified, sorry.

Here is a pair of leather gloves that we use in the parks where I work. They have saved me many a prick from hypodermic needles. A true protection come spring clean-up.

I have not seen the Atlas line everywhere, only in reputable garden centres or hardware stores. Atlas Glove Company offers online purchases in case you can't find them. Worth the money in my opinion.

You'll find all kinds of leather brands. Again, you get what you pay for. Pigs skin or suede is often the cheaper quality, and they feel the most soft. Yet, if you want adequate protection, invest in the thicker, more expensive brands.

Hope this helps!

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