Monday, January 23, 2012

Amaryllis Finally In Full Bloom

I chose the Amaryllis this January as the plant of the month simply because I have enjoyed watching the one I received bloom throughout the past 4 weeks.  I just love it!   

For those who are new to this plant, the Amaryllis originated in South America's tropical regions and has the botanical name Hippeastrum. It's available in Ontario, around late fall, up until January. The larger size of bulb, the larger the flower and the possibility of 2-3 bloom stalks. This bulb was about 24cm in diametre, and considered average. 

Most bulbs come in kits - pot, saucer, soil all included. It's also offered in single bulbs as well. Colours ranging in the reds, pinks, bi-colours, and whites.

Planting depth is key when it comes to this bulb, as one needs to plant it with its shoulder and neck exposed. Please don't ever be confused with other assortments of fall bulbs. This is a tropical bulb; it will be damaged if it comes into contact with frost, making it perfect for indoor planting.

Once planted, just a little watering now and again when the soil is dry to the touch, and you're all set!

It's been amazing to see it grow from this...  


I decided to photograph the progress of the blooms every day and put together a collage of photos. I assembled these selections, showing their difference as the bloom unfurls.

It's hard to believe that such a large flower emerges from a bulb, the size of a fist. Found this great Youtube video of an Amaryllis blooming, captured with time-lapse photography.

This one shows the full flower, even up to its end. :(

Now that my Amaryllis is in full bloom, I will continue to keep the blooms hydrated, watering about once a week and I will add some All Purpose liquid plant food to help strengthen the bulb and encourage great leaf growth. When my Amaryllis blooms start to wither, I will post (here is the post) methods to save, renew and re-establish the bulb for future enjoyment!

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