Friday, March 20, 2015

2015 Canada Blooms

I had the pleasure of seeing green again this week. After our harsh winter, it was a joy!

Here are some of the snap-shots I took. Very busy day to visit. Was glad to see so many people soaking it up.

The living wall trend is still alive:

The use of Echeverias and German Ivy worked like a clockwork!  :) 

To be honest, I prefer this scale. I'd do this in a heart-beat, if I had a hot brick wall facing south/east.  For sure.

Loving the fern idea. Gonna see if I can try this myself. Fun.
 Was so glad to see the continued floral creativity. These were some of my favs:

This one had top honours and was my #1 too!
Enjoyed this little Fairy Garden. Do you spot it?
A design firm called Bienenstock Playgrounds made playground apparatus and this tree house from tree trunks and limbs. Quite impressive!
And special kudos to the TBG for having a 4 balcony (room) Pollinating Playground showcase. Cheers to TBG's Paul Zammit, TBG staff and all the volunteers for putting together a great educational display!

Even though there were plenty of wow displays, I still gravitate towards the simpler, more DIY ideas that I could take home and easily do. Like these:

Two more days left for the show. It's combined with the National Home Show.  Lots to see and enjoy!

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