Saturday, June 07, 2014

Update - Overseeding Turf with White Clover

Ok, it's now just over 3 weeks since we over-seeded the lawn with clover. (Here is that post.)  I am quite pleased. The clover germinated in 6 days - given the adequate rains and cooler temps. Happy with the quality of the seed germinating.
This was 7 days after sowing. Not yet showing their true leaves, the amount of germination coverage was ample.

Of course, fresh, soft garden soil is a direct attraction to squirrels. So be forewarned. They were digging away and making divots in the freshly seeded areas.

Not to worry, clover will spread rapidly, once established.

This is 14 days after seeding. The typical 3 lobed leaves (4, if I'm lucky :) are starting to emerge.

Sure, there are a few patchy areas left, but as these little guys mature, the plant will thicken and become dense. Yay!

Just 3 weeks later, the lawn is green and thicker. The topdressing of soil helped thicken the grass too.
Not bad, eh?
I will do a comparison of heat tolerance during the drought laden, hot summer...stay tuned.

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