Sunday, November 25, 2012

Outdoor Christmas Container - Little Fun

My colleagues call this one I made - "the galaxy".  lol :) We try to get a bit more creative with each one.

When you have access to great product, you get a little more inventive. Using outdoor ornaments (which tolerate frost and don't crack or have styrofoam burst overwinter) can add a burst of colour when dried accents start to fade. Plus, the outdoor ornaments catch the light, especially at night making your urns pop out a bit more in the dark.

Here I added sprays of lime metallic Christmas balls and one bronze ball, suspended between the birch stems. Fun.
Plant World has an array of styles, made by several designers. Come stop by!  If you want to make one yourself, we can help you too!


  1. Hi! I just moved to VA from St Paul MN and they don't decorate outdoor pots here like they did in MN. I haven't found the beautiful selection of wintergreens that I took for granted in MN, so I'm wondering does cut 'baby blue eucalyptus' hold up during a winter outdoors. there something I can use to preserve magnolia so it doesn't brown? Thanks so much! Love your designs!

    1. Hi there,

      I've used baby blue euc in urns, and it greyed as the winter months dragged on. VA wouldn't have as extreme winters as Toronto, so ya - go for it. Unfortunately, Magnolia will discolour. What I do generally when the leaves begin looking bad is turning them so their backsides are only visible. It's not the easiest task, but doable. The brown fuzzy side is quite nice with pine cones and such.

  2. Thanks so much! I'm on my way out now to work on them. I love your blog....and your designs too!!
    Teresa C

  3. Thanks Teresa! Just remember to water your Christmas planters every time the temperature fluctuates. I find it keeps the evergreen boughs green. Merry Christmas!


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