Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Favourite Tools

I was asked which gardening tools I use, or better yet, which garden tools I couldn't part with.

I've inherited several of my tools from my parents. They invested in good quality and I've been very happy with their longevity and durability.

Let me go through the list:

In no particular order...

1) Tree Spade: this is ideal for transplanting shrubs and trees. Having a smaller blade, it easily allows you to get into dense root systems without damaging them too much.

2) Hard Rake: Ideal for leveling soil, raking soil through turf, or it's back-edge is great for scraping sidewalks and paved areas.

3) Spade: The sharper the better. I use this most often.

4) Hoe: This was my father's and I have not seen its equal in stores. It eases the combat against annual weeds and is easy on the back.

5) Garden Fork: Ideal for weeding perennial borders to rid deeply rooted perennial weeds. Great for aerating too.

6) Lawn or border edger:  Ideal for large bed construction.

7) Soft rosette spray watering can: sometimes a can of water is the only way to gently water in newly establishing plants.

8) Fertilizer siphon: ideal for water soluble fertilizers.

9) Knee Pad: I plan on keeping the knees I've got.

10) Felco's: enough said.

11) Loppers:  must be sharp and have sturdy handles. Takes care of any branch too thick for my felcos.

12) Sheers:  I rather use these than any gas powered version. The sharper the better.

13) Broom: Leaving the site in better condition that when we arrive is the key!

14) Steel toed boots: great ankle, toe and foot protection. Reduces foot fatigue.

15) Hand Saw:  Cuts anything the loppers or felcos can't.

16) Dandelion flicker: After a good rain/soak - this works like a charm. This was Dad's best tool.

17) Atlas Rubber Lined Gloves:  Saved my fingers endless times.

18) Garden Tub: Several functions -- acts as a refuse bin, great transplanting transporter, water jug, soil schlepper....

19) Shallow Garden Tub:  Ideal for potting up plants. 34" diameter.You fill with potting compound and then place your plants/pots inside without getting your work area messy.

20) Hand Trowel: This one has a sturdy shaft and rubber gripped handle. Planting tons of annuals goes fast and easy with this tool.

and lastly...

21) Spray bottle: great for making your own homemade pest/disease remedies.

There are more, and I am sure I will procure more over time. However, the above is generally what I could not function without.

Hope that helps.

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