Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Common Houseplant Pests: Part 4 Mealy Bugs (Update)

I continue to get messages and comments regarding my mealy bugs on jade plants post. It's a sad reality, but a common ground for those of us who love our houseplants and want to save them.

Here is an update of my previous post regarding that sad jade plant that we rescued.

After spraying with water, dabbing with alcohol and repotting; the jade plant is starting to really bounce back. It's been over a year since any mealy bugs have been seen. It was a labour of love. Staking it now - we are trying to regain a balanced growth habit. I just wish we had more light to get tighter stem growth.

No more distorted leaves and white flakey bits in the leaf axils. All clean.

Interesting enough, 3 months ago, a huge jade plant was gifted to us and on close inspection, it too was covered in mealy bug.

I didn't even take a picture of the before, as it went straight into the bathtub and got a spray down. I wasn't going to allow mealy to take over the house. This plant was worse. However, while trying to spray the plant down, the tightness of growth habit didn't allow for a thorough job. Instead, the power washer was used on a softer spray setting and all the nooks and crannies were blasted.

 This is the result. After a thorough blast, a heavy prune (to thin out and expose the inside of the plant) and the removal of nearly all the top portion of soil - it's starting to come back.

 All the pruned lesions are showing new buds and growth.

As you can see, some of the spray from the power washer made damaging holes. No worries. Once more leaves emerge, I will pinch this leaf off.

With healthy new leaves and tons of new growth - within a year, this jade plant will begin to look as good as when it was gifted to us.

Who needs chemicals?

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