Sunday, August 23, 2015

Plant Profile: Hosta plantaginea var. japonica

I have the pleasure to garden elsewhere, outside my own little garden. At this time of year, I truly enjoy working at this location:

Hosta plantaginea has to have the most fragrant flowers I've ever come across. At this location, there are about 34 hostas all blooming at once. The fragrance is intense.

The blooms fill the palm of my hand. They are so large. I believe this one is 'Grandiflora'.

Bending over from the rain dew drops, they are just lovely.

Once open, the flowers invite your nose to take a sample of their light citrus scent.

Too boot, I have taken a sample to taste. Really light, fresh taste. Would go great as a salad topper or even for a floral cake design.

On one Hosta, I counted over 23 blooms and buds. They flower for about a month, even longer - depending on the moisture levels.

Due note: because the Hosta plantanginea varieties are thin leaved hostas, please make sure you take measures to control slug and snail infestations. They can be slug bait in the wrong situation.  Planting in a group maximizes their flower fragrance as well as they will attract hummingbirds when there are more flowers to go around.

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