Thursday, October 09, 2014

Plant Profile: Bush Honeysuckle - Diervilla lonicera

This shrub has to be the most overlooked specimen in garden centres.

I have no idea why.

During the summer, this plant has such a fully balanced form of deep, shiny green foliage that sometimes can become confused with dogwood varieties.

Attractive attributes:
  • drought tolerant
  • full sun to shade ranges in exposure
  • not susceptible to bugs or disease
  • easy to prune
  • fabulous red fall colouring of foliage and seed heads
  • hardy (zone 3)
  • native (Ontario/Eastern USA)
  • seeds are food source for birds
  • bees and butterflies like their late blooming flowers

Not many shrubs have seed heads so rich in colour with contrasting blooms side by side.

This is just the beginning of the real autumn show. Leaves turn deep burgundy before their autumn shed. Brilliant red seeds provide winter interest.

Flowering from late July to October.  Give the shrub a harsh, rounded prune in early spring and it will provide more new growth for better flowering like above.

It's worth asking your local garden centre to order you one.


  1. Thanks for the review. I'm planting three of these in a fairly shady spot, so I hope they do well!

  2. It will, Veronika! Enjoy. Can't say enough of this plant. A real keeper.


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