Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Plant Profile: Hoya or Waxplant

Hoya carnosa or commonly known as Waxplant, is a common trailing houseplant for bright areas indoors.
The most attractive and wonderful feature to me: its flowers.

I can honestly say, these are some of the most glorious flowers to look at up close. Even in their clusters, they dumfound you - when you least expect this common houseplant to produce anything, all of a sudden clusters of wonderful flowers begin to unfurl.

From clustered buds...

...to starbursts...
... to unfolding little stars - they are delightful to me.
Depending on its exposure and watering, flowering can last up to a month or two.
Take a closer look at these waxy flower buds:
Beautiful as they are, they hold inside another design marvel...
Through 5 segmented star shaped, pubescent flaps, they urfurl to reveal another waxy star shape within. No bigger than a nickel coin, they are so beautiful and delicate.
This Hoya enjoys a south-west window exposure. Not overly root bound, yet quite firmly established. Since this February, fertilizer has been added every watering. Flowering duration: February - April and sporadic flowers throughout the year.
Thick, waxy leaves are quite resistant in my experience to pests. They can become chlorotic (yellow) without enough food. But easily remedied. The plant is easily propagated by stem cuttings and easily roots.
Try growing one for yourself in the house!

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  1. My Hoya just had its first flowing. What a beautiful plant.

    This is the same color and flower shape as mine.

    Thank you for your post.


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