Friday, November 16, 2012

Outdoor Christmas Urn Container - Natural

Here I made a pair of urns with natural items.

These urns span about 2 and 1/2 feet apart. A little more than 3 feet tall from the pot rim.
I used:

Have a look at some other designs here
  • 3 birch stems
  • 7 stems of dogwood
  • white pine
  • douglas fir
  • western red cedar
  • boxwood
  • magnolia stems
  • sumac seed pods
  • seeded eucalyptus
  • strobus (white pine) cones
  • dried belani seed pods
  • bronze vine balls
  • dried bell cups
  • 13" fibre liner
  • sand to fill pot

Another pair:
These accents may look all natural, but the pomegranates are artificial.  Pretty good for artificial though. No squirrels will try to take these away! 

One of the funnest aspects of my job.
 In the above, I used:
  • pomergranates
  • strobus cones (with snow flakes)
  • magnolia
  • birch stems
  • dogwood stems
  • white pine boughs
  • western red cedar boughs
  • Ontario hemlock boughs
  • burgundy seed pods
  • oregonia

Materials all from Plant World Ltd. These urns are also available there. 

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