Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tried, Tested and True Perennials

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the newest varieties of perennials and new plant introductions on the market these days. Seeing first hand how many "new varieties" of perennials struggle to establish in the past, I have become 'buyer beware'!

Working part-time at a garden centre doesn't help. I've seen the lists for 2012 selections and yes, I am floored and can't wait to see the plants first hand.  I love the new flower colour selections, new dwarf sizes and foliar colours never seen before, yet I've seen many new varieties struggle and not perform the way the plant tags suggest. Perhaps I am jaded.  I just don't have the time to nurse certain plants to become true performers nor do I have thick pocket book to shell out that kind of money for new cultivars.

In the centre square I had Heucherella x ' Stop Light ' (6 years ago). It lasted for the first year, not a vigorous grower and it began to die late May as you can see. So frustrating. I gingerly transplanted what was left in to a pot to try and nurse it back to health, but it died. It's a lovely specimen, but not sturdy enough yet. My other Heucherella's and Heuchera's were great. : (

Now I classify myself as a waiter.  I wait to see new perennial varieties stand the test of time and waiting a year or two, when they eventually go down in price. No, maybe my selections won't follow the newest garden trends, but at least I won't be having to line up at the counter, with receipt in hand stating my perennials and or nursery stock just didn't make it two years later. My conciliation is I'll be saving some money in the long run.  I'll stick to the "tried, tested and true" among the bunch.

What are your thoughts?  Agree? or disagree?

Now to flip through the 2010 nursery catalog's. ; )

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