Friday, December 30, 2011

More outdoor creations

These are the few little outdoor winter containers that I made for my little space.

Much of what I used here, are left overs from year after year. I save cones, birch branches, artificial berries and those seed pod cups. Don't throw them away! Just tuck them in your garage, shed, basement (wherever you can) in a container. Be sure you dry them all out before storing, or use a container that has good air circulation.

I used seeded eucalyptus (above urns), and with the leftovers I added it to one of my metal bowls and put a candle in it. Simple. Seeded eucalyptus dries and it's such a great addition to your Christmas decor!

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  1. Heidi, great the design and helpful info for the 'gardeners' among us(:


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