Saturday, December 28, 2013

Icy Winter - Evergreens Covered With Ice

I've heard of these storms, but never once experienced it like us Torontonians have in the past week.
Courtesy of TBG's Paul Zammit

Every where icy branches and hangers have fallen off tree limbs and reeked havoc on electrical lines. Causing blackouts and severe damage. Right during the peak of Christmas celebrations.

Although, beautiful to photograph, not when heavy icy weight is causing damage to horticulture.

When you see branches of evergreens weighed down with ice like this, be sure not to damage the branches further, but support them. Either with a stick wedged beneath for added support, or with twine/roping to give them sling support.

Knock off any large icicles forming on thin, weak branches. With time and weight, small branches will crack under the pressure.
If the weather turns and begins to melt the snow, let nature take its course. Just knock off unwanted icicles that reform over night. Also brush off any added snow. Come spring a good pruning job will enable the plant to regain a healthy form.

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