Thursday, November 10, 2016

Plant Profile: Gladiolus callianthus - Abyssinian Sword Lily, Peacock Orchid

One of the reasons I love walking is seeing other gardens along the journey.

I happened along these flowers last week and unlike the common gladiola, these peaked my interest.

The gentleman raking the leaves allowed me to photograph the flowers after I stood there and examined them for a while. He mentioned they were fragrant. And quite so! I wanted to ask him more questions, but he went out back and with my phone I snapped the following.

Gladiolus callianthus (murielae). Zone hardy to 7b.

It's a member of the gladioli family, originating from East Africa. Their bulbs (corms) are to be planted in spring. Not winter hardy in Ontario, you must remove them before the onset of heavy frosts.

Given this is the warmest November I can recall, they continue to bloom and give interest to the garden, when most everything is slowly retiring for the winter.

Great choice for the sunny spot in the garden. Not many fragrant flowers are around this time of year. A real treat for walk-by enjoyment.

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