Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Cold (Frost) Tolerant Herbs

Since a wintery blast has come a fair bit earlier than anticipated, I was not prepared enough to rescue my herbs for culinary delights. Usually, when I know the temperature is going to change so drastically, I try to cut back, dry and store what ever I can save out of my herbs.

Thankfully, this demonstrates how resilient many of them are.

Whether you grow them in a pot...
...or in the ground - parsley handles the freezing temps quite well.
Last nights temps dipped to -5°C. Burr!

So does my oregano. It still has firm foliage.

So does my thyme!

I have better luck with growing rosemary in pots, this one I shall take indoors for winter use. It's fine. I will however, expect some needle drop from the shock once indoors.

(Sorry, out of focus because my hands were freeeeeeezing!) And of course, mint. Going to enjoy a wonderful mint and red beet salad - the last of the season!
Needless to say, with all my procrastination, I am thankful for being able to harvest the last of our yummy herbs. The snow has also helped to insulate the last of the usable foliage.

Some others I have had success in harvesting after frost:

Lemon Balm

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